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For three decades, Flippin, Bruce & Porter has helped clients achieve long-term capital appreciation via a highly disciplined approach to value investing. We manage assets for institutions, endowments, foundations, mutual funds, and individuals.
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We manage investment portfolios for universities, hospitals, retirement plans, endowments, and foundations with an eye on growth and high returns. Talk with us.


If you had all the money in the world, what would you do?

Purchase a dream house? Travel? Help your children? Give to charity? A sound investment strategy will help you build wealth. Start now with FBP.

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In an era where investment products proliferate, yet seem more alike than ever before, Flippin, Bruce & Porter stands out. For three decades, we have continued to achieve growth for our clients and our company by doing one thing and doing it very well. We are and will remain practitioners of large-cap investing.

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We value our community and strive to invest in our community through our time and talents. Giving back begins the process of change for the better.

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We welcome your interest in our investment strategies for institutional and individual wealth management and invite you to contact us.

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Cantor Fitzgerald Investment Advisors acquires Flippin, Bruce & Porter

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