In 1985, John Flippin, John Bruce and Greg Porter founded Flippin, Bruce & Porter in Lynchburg, Virginia. FBP continues their foresight in following a conservative, value-driven investment strategy focusing on the best interests of our clients. We recognize our most valuable tools reside within the minds of our people and have committed ourselves to building a strong team of professionals dedicated to our unique value approach to investing.

For three decades, Flippin, Bruce & Porter has helped clients achieve long-term growth of capital and income through a singular and highly focused approach to investing. Our value-oriented investment strategy combines the traditional tool of professional investors, in-depth fundamental research, with our team approach to decision making. This combination of intelligence, drive, intuition, and investment discipline has been the key to capturing greater value over time for our clients.

Today, Flippin, Bruce & Porter manages assets for institutions, endowments, foundations, mutual funds, and individuals. Our corporate governance supports both the spirit and letter of all regulations and fiduciary duty. While we are proud of our growth and our investment track record, we are equally gratified to be recognized for our steadfast focus, uncommonly professional customer service, integrity and ethics in all that we do, and dedication to our clients’ best interests.