In an era where investment products proliferate, yet seem more alike than ever before, Flippin, Bruce & Porter stands out. For three decades, we have continued to achieve growth for our clients and our company by doing one thing and doing it well. We are and will remain practitioners of large-cap value investing, concentrating our experience, abilities, and resources on unique approaches that expand the horizons of the value label.

In our quest to capture value inherent in large-cap stock cycles, Flippin, Bruce & Porter will continue to:

  • Invest early in stocks with historically low valuations, temporarily depressed fundamentals, a lack of investor support, and a catalyst for improvement.
  • Search for income with high quality dividend-paying securities focusing on dividend growth, coupled with conservative covered call strategies.
  • Hold stocks longer, relying on our thorough, unemotional research and disciplined exit strategies to remain invested and capture more price appreciation as stocks approach full valuation.
  • Fulfill our fiduciary obligations in both letter and spirit to our clients.
  • Deliver personalized client service to a level that is rarely found in our industry.